Malèteau Bio


Singer/Songwriter Multi-Instrumentalist, being Canadian and American, Stéphane is a World Citizen. He describes his Pop Rock sound as, “Willie meets Bowie.”

From a family of musicians (his mother singer and DJ, his father keyboardist, in their own band), at the age of 3 he begins playing the piano while listening for hours to the 2000+ vinyl record collection of his parents.

In the 80’s his father’s work brings the family to the United States. Soon afterward he tours with a high school group called TLC the East Coast, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union where -- then as a non-US citizen, wearing ‘USA’ uniforms -- he plays in front of the Red Army.

In the late 80’s Stéphane joins on guitar and backup vocals an R&B outfit, Midas Touch, made up of mostly Black Americans and offsprings of the original lineup. During a reunion concert, the original founder tells the crowd, “This is Stéphane, a real musician’s musician.”

In the 90’s Stéphane joins on bass and backup vocals Don Campbell, while both often gig as a folk Irish Rock duo for years around New England. This project brings Stéphane to play at the Grand Ole’ Opry.

In 1994 Stéphane publishes his own magazine, cradle [lower case C], in Maine. The magazine features only local musicians on its covers. After two years, even though the paper has tremendous impact with some declaring, “cradle could be the next Rolling Stone,” Stéphane folds the paper, mostly from boredom.

After living in Utah, Seattle, Arizona for 3 years, NYC and LA, he spends a year with his father, then in Tennessee, and, in a makeshift garage studio he works his first originals.

In 1999 Stéphane wants to touch base with his roots and moves to Québec. In September 2004 with a 7-piece backup band he gives his first ever concert of originals.

In 2005 he meets, Martine Bérube, a legendary Manager Promoter of the Québec/Canadian Music Industry who has worked with world-famous Artists such as Aznavour, Steve Winwood, Naughty By Nature and others. In 2006 he performs at Québec’s most prestigious festival, Les Francofolies.

In October 2007, he releases his first single, “Ca va brasser,” (a French expression meaning, ‘It’s gonna get wild’) from his first and double album, Québecois Mondial : Célébraxion - Réflexion. The single hits a #1 while 9 other songs from the album air with no promotion.

Malèteau - Quebecois Mondial (Celebraxion - Reflexion)

In 2009 Stéphane takes a break and starts traveling with Martine to the South West almost every year.

In 2011 Stéphane releases a remake version single from Célébraxion - Réflexion, “Moi aussi je l’aime mon Pays” (‘Me too I love my country’), the lyrics referring to any citizen in any country singing about his/her love of whatever land. The single again hits a #1.

Malèteau releases a new single called "Ma Blonde" in May of 2014 (French expression meaning 'My Girlfriend'). In September the song again hits a #1 and bullets it's way into the French Canadian national chart and stays there for more than 18 weeks, also making the Top 100 most played songs in French Speaking Canada of 2014. This also signifies that Malèteau's first three singles all hit a #1. Again during this time Stéphane with Martine return to the South West.

Malèteau - Ma Blonde 140527

In March of 2015 Malèteau introduces his 'English' music in Southern California in a legendary venue under a different name.

In May of 2015 Malèteau releases his 4th single, "Pourquoi Pas," to a very receptive audience. In October the song hits a 4th #1 and rotates in various charts and Top 10's in radio stations. The song stays in the ADISQ chart (the equivalent of the Grammy's and Billboard combined in Québec) for more than 20 weeks.

During the Summer of 2015 Malèteau challenges himself doing a tour playing solo shows, just guitar and voice.

Malèteau - Shows Solo - Flyer

In March of 2016 Malèteau performs his 2nd show of 'English' material in California.

In March of 2017 Malèteau releases "Je t'aime I Love You," a very cross-border French-English and International single with a touch of rap and an adventurous production. The ADISQ immediately embrasses the single, featuring it in its national playlist while stating, "Malèteau is a rare Artist who is in every sense limitless."

November 2019, Malèteau releases, "Chante Comme Tu Parles," which means 'sing like you talk,' a song about singers not singing in their native accent, specifically refering to 'some' Québec performers who sing with a Parisien enunciation. In his press release for "Chante Comme Tu Parles" Stéphane says, "For all I know Americans don't sing with a British accent. I'm North American, I don't pretend to be some sheppard in France with a baguette under my arm." The song has a computer retro synth à la Krafterk type feel with an accoustic guitar which creates a rhythmic trippy sound. He considers it his best song yet.

In 2020 he releases two singles, "Péché" and "Mon Univers." The year 2020 becomes, like for everyone else, a very challenging year for Malèteau. He decides then to work on a completely new album with new songs that may be available in 2021.

In March of 2021 he releases, "Tout est possible," with a Country Rock Folk sound that is nothing new for Malèteau with 5 years of experience playing this genre of music in bars throughout the US. The song is picked up by a large number of radio stations.