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2014 12 05

Reflektor - Réflexion

My name is 'Malèteau' (Name for French music career). I'm a Canadian & American Professional Singer Songwriter Multi-Instrumentist Producer Performer. More info here.

In 2007, I put out my 1st album, a 'double' album, CÉLÉBRAXION - 'RÉFLEXION,' in French-Speaking Canada. Without promotion, 10 songs played on the radio and the single "Ça va brasser" hit a radio station #1 and many charts. The album had an impact 'inside' the 'Québec' Industry.

The single's wacky video shows: 'Someone' battling the status quo. Later, dancing/falling to the floor, featuring 'funny hairy gay dancers.' Then there's a "change in the air" with said protagonist walking to the stage exalting, ''We are all Stars.'' Another song on the album is called ''Fête Ta Fierté'' (Celebrate Your Pride). Combined, both songs would not be unlike, ''We Exist,'' meaning and video.

Via interviews, I spoke of my album being a mixture of "Créole and Disco," and, of touring with fans wearing 'COSTUMES' and MASQUES. Song #11 on side 1 is called "Costumes."

When I released CÉLÉBRAXION-RÉFLEXION, the vice-president for Sélect Québécor (Canada's #1 distributor) said to me, "Watch so your ideas don't get stolen."

In later 2013, my Manager (and girlfriend/wife of almost 10 years) told me, "Arcade Fire is doing your concept. Title, costumes, etc, and, a double album too. It's improbable, given their first 3 albums, that they came up with this." She's a Music Industry Veteran and has also worked with International acts like Steve Winwood, Naughty By Nature, Aznavour and others.

I have at times been blatantly copied in Québec, and, still to this day (some of which I can prove).

I spent my life studying Rock And Roll and those who know me know I possess unique angles.

So yes or no? Read Suburbs-Signals and ReflektorCover-FourTetCover, and, Rather neat (read between the lines).

It's nice Arcade Fire took Artistic and Spiritual aspects of such concept to the world. CÉLÉBRAXION-RÉFLEXION was intended for Québec with strong messages for Quebecers.

Folks have begged me for awhile to respond.

Response: I "like" Arcade Fire, but.... not surprised.

PS: BTW, I waited for my third single, "Ma Blonde," (which also hit a regional #1 like the previous two) to go off the Charts in Québec (18+ weeks until late Nov 2014) to publish this because I don't care about using anything like this for promotion.


“This cannot be only coincidental, too many similarities. It resembles more like plagiasm. You must put out this article!” - Nicolas Bellemare, Musical Director and DJ at CFNJ-FM

“WOW! The comparisons are just unbelievable… pure coincidence?? I myself would be proud to have 'inspired' such act in their artistic journey.” - Steve Campos, Magazine Culturel Le Mag, 102,3 FM

“This certainly requires serious 'Reflection!' Pun intended!” - Tanya Beaumont, Director of Programs CKRL-FM

“It is very disturbing to see all these '''similarities''' indeed” - Marcel Rancourt, Musical Director Mix 99,7 FM

“This is indeed very bizarre, freaky, disconcerting! This is obviously obvious!” - Pedro Barbosa, Artist Manager and Ex Musique Plus Guru (Québec's MTV)